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November/December 2023 Issue

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Thank you in advance for your report submission for the AAPM Newsletter. Please note that the Editor reviews all content for appropriateness.

Please consider the following when uploading your report:
  • Report Format:
    • New for 2023! Copyright Permission: Upon submission, you will be required to indicate if the report includes any copyrighted material. If copyrighted materials are included, the text should clearly state that they are used with permission.
    • Report Submissions should not exceed 1,500 words. The Newsletter Editor will review all submissions and may request that reports exceeding the 1,500-word limit be edited.
    • All fields below are required. If a question is not relevant to your submission, please enter "N/A".
    • All reports submitted should be in .doc/.docx format only.
    • Include a report header (example: History Committee Report).
    • Include a report title.
    • Include an AAPM official group title - only if written on behalf of an official AAPM group AND only if you would like this to appear with the report.
    • When including a person’s name in your report, please include their academic degree suffix. Please do not include punctuation.
    • Single space after the punctuation of each sentence.
  • Photos, artwork, charts/graphs:
    • The submission of supplemental material as a separate file is highly encouraged:
      • Include a caption for each supplemental file in the report.
      • If your report contains photos, artwork, charts, or graphs (all are encouraged), please upload one zip file containing all of these supplemental files to the Dropbox folder (linked at the end of the form below).
      • If you have a preference for the placement of images in your report, be sure to indicate this in the report itself.
  • Author photos:
    • We kindly request that all reports include all authors’ photos. You may upload the photos as supplemental files if there are multiple authors.
    • You do not need to do this again if you have previously submitted an author’s photo - please indicate this at the top of the .docx report.
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